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Dota 2 Great Game – Cheating Pros are Ruining


SOUNDBITE (English) Naomie Harris, Actress:

“The biggest moment when I’m watching the movie was the middle section, where Chiron is being bullied at school because I was bullied at school as well. I find that really difficult to watch because it brings back so many memories, and it was such an incredibly traumatic, really, really sad and very lonely time as well in my childhood. But I think that was one of the most formative times for me because it meant that I had to escape to somewhere else, and I escaped to my imagination and to a fantasy world, and to pretending I was someone else and pretending I was living in an imaginary world. And that’s how I got through it. And that’s I think where my real passion and my skill as an actress really developed.”

SOUNDBITE (English) Trevante Rhodes, Actor:

“I mean, yeah – I feel like we’re all picked on and bullied at some point. And yeah, I was bullied quite a bit when I was younger. I’ll never forget, when I was five-years-old, I was walking back from school and there was this kid – I won’t say his name – there was this kid that picked up some gravel and threw it at me. And he said, ‘Bye Trey, you little creep.’ For whatever reason. ‘Bye Trey, you little creep’ has been in my head for the past 25 or 20 years, you know? And I don’t know, but that’s just something that happens to you. And now I work out every day. Nobody’s going to say, ‘Bye Trey, you little creep’ to me, you know?”

SOUNDBITE (English) Andre Holland, Actor:

“I grew up in Alabama and there were some complicated things that happened growing up. And I think that helped me to – that forced me to sort of develop a persona – a part of myself that helped me to survive. But behind that, underneath that, is something else, which at some inopportune times has chosen to reveal itself. So right now for me, it’s about negotiating those two. Understanding that the version of myself that I created is not un-useful, it’s not necessarily dishonest – it’s a part of who I am.”


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